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Southside Rockhampton Pool – 2nd World War Memorial Aquatic Centre

2 Graeme Acton Way, Wandal


Aqualification & Fitness (A&F) have been given a short term opportunity to manage the Southside pool in Rockhampton while Council decides who they’d to look after the facility long term.  We understand this can be a frustrating time for some of the public as change can be daunting.  It is our goal to have a seamless transition from the former operator to ourselves.  Rest assured, the former operators, Rockhampton Regional Council and ourselves are all working together to make this transition easy on the community.

Our main goals while managing the facility for 3 months will be to maintain excellent water quality, ensure the facility is clean and tidy, and continue to provide excellent services to the community.

We understand the community will have questions, and we will continue to keep you all updated via social media and this webpage.

Please check out the information below which will hopefully answer your questions to date.


Looking to join the team? Click here to register for the recruit program, and log in to start your application.


  • FINA Approved Heated 10 Lane 50m Pool
  • Grandstand seating
  • 8 Lane 25m Heated Pool
  • Indoor Heated Program Pool for swimming lessons and hydrotherapy
  • All pools are wheel chair accessible
  • Disabled, Female and Male Amenities


5 April - 30 June, 2024Pool Opening TimesCafeLearn to Swim HoursWet Play Area
Weekdays5am to 7pmAM: 8:30am to 11:30pm
PM: 3:30pm to 7pm
AM: 9am to 5pm
Saturday6am to 3pmAM: 7:30am to 1pmAM: 9am to 3pm
Sunday7am - 1pmAM: 9am to 1pm


Entry Fee$3.00
Season Pass (Exp. June 30, 2024)$90.00
Annual Pass$350.00

Annual and Season Pass Holders

Annual and Season Pass holders will be able to use their passes at both the Northside and Southside facilities while the pools remain open under A&F Management.

We will ensure there is pass information in the system at both locations.

Learn to Swim

We understand it can be a concerning time when a swim school comes under new management.  We’d like to assure you we are doing best to keep things as similar as possible.

Award Winning Swim Schools & Teachers

Please be assured that A&F have run multiple award winning swim schools with award winning teachers.  We are no strangers to learn to swim.  The new manager is teacher for Austswim, has taught thousands of children to swim and been teaching teachers for nearly a decade.

Your Swim Classes:

We will NOT imposing a change to the program for April, May & June.  That’s not fair!  There wont be any certificates over this time.  However we will be ensuring that your child continues to progress their aquatic education.  All the swimming teachers and parents will be supported throughout this transition along with any child who ends up with a new teacher.

Your teacher may change, if they choose to leave the facility during this transition.  If that is the case, your teacher will be replaced with a fully qualified teacher.  We are hoping most of the teachers will stay and there will be minimal disruption.

Prices will NOT change.

Policies may change slightly.

Computer Software Updates

The Direct debit will process tomorrow.  Make sure you details are up to date.  Log in to your family portal from the email we sent you with a direct link.  Didn’t get an email with a link?  Give us a call on 4922 1981 or send an email to lts@aqualification.com.au

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Clubs and User Groups

We understand that clubs will want to continue using the facility in the same pattern as they are use to.  Over the next two weeks, we will be working with current staff to ensure your bookings and lane space are correct as we transition over to new software.

We will be in touch with you, when we have new information and/or there is information we require from you (New policies to be signed, COCs etc.).

Thank you for your patience during this time.


Currently the cafe will be closed until we can find amazing staff to run it for us. If you are interested in a position, please use the link at the top of the page to become a recruit.

When the cafe is open, we will be stocking cold drinks, ice-creams, lollies and bags of chips.  As more information comes to light, we will know more about what other food and beverages we may be able to stock/make/sell.

We are hoping we can extend the cafe hours to service the park outside the facility.

Birthday Parties

Children’s birthday parties can arranged at the pool.  Please note that A&F will not host your party.  You are more than welcome to arrange guests and food for your celebrations during the opening hours of the facility.

Key things to remember:
  • Let your guests know what you will be paying for and what they may need to pay for.  eg.  You might cover the entry of the child guest but not the parents or sibling.
  • No BBQ’s, no glass (food or drink containers), no alcohol
  • Cake storage in our fridge is limited due to space and any cakes that are not fully covered or boxed can not be stored in our fridge/freezers.
  • Please email admin@aqualification.com.au for a party form to help you plan a successful event.  NOTE:  This form must be presented for all parties before the arrival of guests.
  • The facility must know that a party is happening before you arrive to help ensure the appropriate number of lifeguards are working.