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Aquatic Fitness Instructor Opportunities Available

Opportunities are available at the Northside Pool for Aquatic Fitness Instructors.

Please send through a cover letter with your resume to admin@aqualification.com.au 

Aquatic Fitness Classes Rockhampton

Northside Pool

Monday & Friday5:30amSwim with an Olympian$845 Min
Monday & Friday6:00amAquatic Fitness Course$70 (5 weeks)45 Min
Monday4:00pm Family PhibFit$845 Min
Monday5:45pmGymstick$80 (8 weeks)45 Min
Tuesday & Wednesday4:00pmSwim Kids$845 - 50 Min
Tuesday5:45pmDeepwater$845 Min
Wednesday5:30pmSwim with an Olympian$845 Min
Wednesday5:45pmStretch$6No longer than 30 Min
Thursday4:30pmFlippaBall$81 hour
Thursday 5:30pmWaterpolo$31.5 hours
Friday4:00pmKick Fit$845 Min
Saturday 4:00pmAqua Fit$845 Min
Sunday12:00pmAqua Fit$845 Min

Swimming for Adults

  • Swim with an Olympian – $8: Training sessions for adults who want to gain extra fitness for open water swims, triathlons or those regaining their fitness. Join Val for an interesting workout that is guaranteed to take the boredom out of the blackline.
  • Water Polo – $3: Social water polo for those who have graduated from Flippa Ball. Adult or still in High School, come and play a game to increase your fitness and meet new people. All ages and gender welcome. Mixed games played. Swap in/out as your fitness levels require

Classes for the Kids

  • Swim Kids – $8: Graduated from swimming lessons? Love swimming but don’t want to get tangled up in competitive swimming? Join the Swim Kids program. A squad that concentrates on stroke correction, fun and fitness. No need to join a club, no need to feel the pressure of competition
  • Flippa Ball – $8: Let the kids enjoy their Thursday afternoon learning about waterpolo. The junior/introduction version of the game is a great way to make sure those swimming lessons were worth the money and allow the kids to burn off some energy.

Fitness Classes

  • Family PhibFit – $8: Short for Amphibian Fitness, PhibFit is a sure way to make exercising fun again. A combination of aquatic and land based exercises help participants increase fitness and strength in a safe environment. Combining exercises from a range of aquatic sports with land based calisthenics, children and adults alike will enjoy a class that’s both challenging and fun
  • Deep Water – $8: Come and work off your winter without adding extra weight to your joints. This class is not for a the fainthearted, as this serious workout is sure to cap off your Tuesdays with a cardio thrill
  • Kick Fit – $8: A moderately intense class designed for those who want to socialise as well as workout. Using kickboards, noodles and other equipment, your legs will gain strength and improved toning to help you look fabulous in those high heels or rugby shorts!
  • Aqua Fit – $8: A class for all fitness levels, this workout will motivate you, stimulate your muscles and mind to bring you optimal mind body balance.

Fitness Courses

  • Aquatic Fitness Course – $70 – Starts 28th January: Working with an instructor across two sessions a week for 5 weeks. Each session may pose a different style of class that is guaranteed to increase your fitness levels. This is intense training for experienced aqua goers.
  • Gymstick – $80 – Starts 14th January: This 8-week course provides a wide variety of muscle conditioning exercises to improve balance, coordination, core activation, joint stability and postural awareness. Gymstick combines the best of both worlds incorporating hydrodynamic principles and resistance from bands into one simply effective workout! Adjustable resistance allows the individual to work as intensively as they wish.