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Aquatic Fitness Classes Rockhampton

Northside Pool

We will be back in school term 4.

Term 4:  Due to pool temperatures term 4 will start on October 20th 2021 and finish up on December 8th 2021

Aerobics class: These will be different to normal.  Classes can be purchased online through the portal and downloaded.  You will then be able to bring your private session to the pool and complete it whenever you have time!  More information on the portal coming soon.

Kids and Junior Waterpolo: will return in Term 4 2021.  These classes are coached by Central Queensland Water Polo Association and hosted at the Northside Pool.  We’ll keep you up to date as next season information comes to light.

Adult Squad: will be returning in the 2021/2022 season from the 20th October.

Personalised Programming:  Don’t forget we can offer personalised programs if these class times don’t suit your needs.  Email Val or Joy to get your quote today.  (val@aqualification.com.au or joy@aqualification.com.au)

Monday5:15pm Amphibian Fitness Challenge$297 for 8 weeks
Pay in advance here
45 Min
Wednesday4:30pmSwim Kids with Joy$20 Casual Visit
or $130 for 8 weeks
Pay in advance here
45 min
Wednesday5:30pmAdult Swim
with Val or Joy
$20 1 hour
Thursday4:30pmKids & Junior WaterPolo$81 hour
Thursday 5:30pmSocial Waterpolo$51 hour

Swimming for Adults

  • Adult Squad- $20: Training sessions for adults who want to gain extra fitness for open water swims, triathlons or those regaining their fitness. Join Val for an interesting workout that is guaranteed to take the boredom out of the black line.  Official training sessions begin 20th October.  If you’d like a personalised program please contact Val – val@aqualification.com.au
  • Water Polo – $5: Social water polo for those who have graduated from Junior Water Polo. Adult or still in High School, come and play a game to increase your fitness and meet new people. All ages and gender welcome. Mixed games played. Swap in/out as your fitness levels require.

Classes for the Kids

  • Swim Kids: $20 social visit or $130/term: Graduated from swimming lessons? Love swimming but don’t want to get tangled up in competitive swimming? Join the Swim Kids program. A squad that concentrates on stroke correction, fun and fitness. No need to join a club, no need to feel the pressure of competition.  For more information click here.
  • Kids & Junior Waterpolo: $8: Let the kids enjoy their Thursday afternoon learning about waterpolo. The junior/introduction version of the game is a great way to make sure those swimming lessons were worth the money and allow the kids to burn off some energy.


Fitness Classes

  • Aqua
    Is a class for all fitness levels.  This workout will stimulate your muscles and mind to bring you optimal mind body balance.  Go hard, go easy or go at your own pace with the new online portal launching in December 2021.  Download your workout and do it when you are ready.  No need to stick to someone elses schedule.  Do it at home or at the pool, the choice is yours!
  • Amphibian Fitness
    PhibFit is returning in October 2021 with a 6 week PhibFit challenge.  Get the value of both land and water training to boost your body coming into Christmas.  PhibFit is so versatile you can take it with you on holidays and do it at the beach too.  You’ll love it. For more information click here:

Personalised Programming

Both Val and Joy can write personalised programs for athletes of all ages.  No matter your goals we can tailor a program to suit your needs, time requirements and current commitments.  Email Val or Joy today for a quote. (val@aqualification.com.au or joy@aqualification.com.au)

Aquatic Fitness Instructor Opportunities Available

Opportunities are available at the Northside Pool for Aquatic Fitness Instructors.

Please register, log in and upload your resume at our recruit link here.