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Sink or Swim

Water Safety & Swimming Lessons Guide for Parents

‘Sink or Swim’ is a book to help parents navigate the waters of swimming and water safety lessons.

The industry has been looking for ways to change parent education when it comes to swimming lessons.

‘Sink or Swim’ is a valuable communication tool between teachers and parents in addition to existing newsletters and flyers, which sometimes go overlooked.

The information contained in ‘Sink or Swim’ will help to answer commonly-asked questions and pave the way for a healthy learning experience for each child.

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This book has been designed for three main benefits:

  1. Improve Parent:Teacher Relationships by providing a valuable communication tool to prevent misunderstandings.
  2. Align Expectations by educating parents about what they should expect from a professional swimming teacher.
  3. Improve the Mental Health of Swimming Teachers by decreasing the incidence of burnout as a result of the pressure they often face from worried and confused parents.


The TRI-Level Program is designed to strengthen aquatic industry partnerships between parents, teachers and students allowing students to learn lifesaving skills more effectively and efficiently.

Click Here to download the full Tri-Program brochure (Warning: Large File Size).