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Aquatic Fitness Instructor Opportunities Available

Opportunities are available at the Northside Pool for Aquatic Fitness Instructors.

Please send through a cover letter with your resume to admin@aqualification.com.au 

Aquatic Fitness Classes Rockhampton

Northside Pool

Monday & Friday5:30amSwim with an Olympian$845 Min
Monday & Friday6:00amAquatic Fitness Course$70 (5 weeks)45 Min
Monday4:00pm Family PhibFit$845 Min
Monday5:45pmGymstick$80 (8 weeks)45 Min
Tuesday & Wednesday4:00pmSwim Kids$845 - 50 Min
Tuesday5:45pmDeepwater$845 Min
Wednesday5:30pmSwim with an Olympian$845 Min
Wednesday5:45pmStretch$6No longer than 30 Min
Thursday4:30pmFlippaBall$81 hour
Thursday 5:30pmWaterpolo$31.5 hours
Friday4:00pmKick Fit$845 Min
Saturday 4:00pmAqua Fit$845 Min
Sunday12:00pmAqua Fit$845 Min

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